7 characteristics of warm ocean current

These are ocean currents with warm waters and may include the warm Mozambique current or the warm Agulhas current or South equatorial current in Africa. Other warm currents include; the warm gulf stream, the North Atlantic drift, the North Pacific current, the Kuro siwo current, the East Australia Current, the Brazilian current, and the Northeast monsoon drift. 

Characteristics of warm ocean current:

  • They have higher temperatures i.e. tend to be warm.
  • They generally tend to flow on the eastern side of the continental landmasses in the low latitudes (except for Guinea current).

  • They generally tend to flow on the western side of the continental landmasses in the mid and high latitudes e.g. the Pacific current and the North Atlantic drift.
  • They tend to flow from the lower latitudes to the higher latitudes i.e. flow pole ward away from the equator.
  • In the northern hemisphere, their circulation tends to be clockwise while in the southern, their circulation tends to be anti-clockwise.
  • They generally tend to be of lower density/high salinity.
  • They flow on the surface but later lose temperatures and become under water currents. 

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