Nine (9) indicators of desertification.

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Desertification refers to the development of desert like conditions in an area and more so in a region adjacent to a desert. It may be expressed as the advancement or extension of the desert. Desertification has been commonly experienced in the Sahel region of Africa. In East Africa desert like conditions have been experienced or developed in parts of Northern Kenya, Central and Northern Tanzania, N.Eastern Uganda and the Ankole-Masaka corridor and parts of Western Uganda adjacent to Lake Albert, Lake George, Albert Nile and within the East African rift valley.

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9 Indicators of desertification 

  • Decreasing rainfall amounts.
  • Rainfall becomes more unreliable i.e. more recurring cycles of drought start being experienced.
  • Increasing temperatures i.e. temperatures tend to rise.
  • Reducing relative humidity i.e. the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere reduces.
  • Increasing diurnal range of temperature.
  • Reducing thickness of cloud cover i.e. the skies tend to become clearer and clearer with each passing year.
  • There is loss of water retention capacity of the vegetation and soils i.e. there are increasing evapotranspiration rates. 
  •  Reduced bio-diversity i.e. there is degradation of the biological productivity of the land i.e. reduced plant and animal species.
  • Increasing wind and run off erosion hence consequently resulting into reduced soil fertility.
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