How to draw a sketch map from given photograph

The following are procedures to be followed when drawing a sketch map from a given photograph:

  • Draw a rectangle or square of the same size as the photograph on the piece of paper. This forms a margin of the map
  • Subdivide the photograph to be sketched into three equal section using faint pencil line to get foreground, middle-ground and background
  • Draw faint vertical lines on the photograph with the same distance apart as the horizontal lines to form squares. this forms left, center and right section
  • Starting with the background draw the skyline on your frame work as it appear in the photograph.
  • Fill in just the main features in the background using clear single line
  • Sketch all important details on the middle and foreground in your framework. 

  • Complete by lebelling all important features such as vegetation, prominent building, transport and communication as well as land use.
  • Give the sketch a suitable title.
  •  Draw the sketch in pencil so you can easily erase or alter any mistakes. Only color the sketch map if you have spare time remaining following the completion of all other sections
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