14 constraints in achieving food security in East African Community

Although, food security plays an important role in achieving regional development objectives, it is constrained by;

  • Low and unstable production and productivity occasioned by over-reliance on rain-fed agricultural production systems.Low surface water storage per capita in the EAC region.
  •  Inefficient utilization of water resources for agricultural production.
  • Low capacity on rain water harvesting
  • Poor or no access to affordable agricultural credit by resource poor producers.
  • Low producer prices making agriculture less remunerative.
  • Uncertainty in income flows due to price volatility in agricultural commodities.
  • Inadequate and weak farmer’s institutions incapable of supporting a vibrant agricultural sector.
  • Inadequate infrastructure such as transport, communications, storage and processing facilities etc that hinders access to factor and product markets within, between Partner States and beyond.

  • low usage of agriculture production enhancing inputs such as fertilizer, improved seeds, agrochemicals and veterinary drugs etc
  • Inadequate institutional support to livestock production systems in arid and semi arid areas.
  • Inadequate institutional support to the fishing industry including capture and aquaculture fisheries.
  • Increased frequency and severity of extreme weather such as floods and drought as a result of global warming and climate change, adversely affecting food production.
  • Inadequate flow of information on the adverse climate change impacts and actions to the producers
  • Prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other tropical human and animal trans boundary diseases that not only divert the already constrained resources from agricultural production but also waste the labour force.
  • Increased pressure on natural resources and degradation of environment due to rapid population growth, poor soil management practices, overgrazing etc.
  • High post harvest losses due to inadequate/lack of food storage and processing facilities.
  • Disruption of food production and distribution due to social unrest and political instability.
  • Inappropriate and low adoption of production technologies by farmers due to weak research –extension-farmers linkages
  • Inadequate food access particular among the vulnerable population /resources poor population.
  • Gender imbalances in access to opportunities in production, marketing and consumptions, access and control of productive resources.

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