5 advantages of a simple chain survey

5 advantages of a simple chain survey

A chain survey is a simple land survey that deals with measuring and recording a series of linear distances on the ground by using a chain or a tape measure. The chain survey is the simplest method of surveying. In this survey, only measurements are taken in the field, and the rest work, such as plotting calculation, etc. are done in the office. This is most suitable adapted to small plane areas with very few details. If carefully done, it gives quite accurate results. The necessary requirements for field work are chain, tape, ranging rod, arrows, and some time cross-staff.

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The following are advantages of chain survey:

  • Chain survey is simplest and commonest method used in surveying exercises
  • The equipment used to conduct chain survey are simple to use,
  • The equipment used in chain survey can easily be replaced. For example, measuring rods can be replaced with measuring tape. 
  • This method does not involve complicated mathematical calculations. I know this is the relief to those who are afraid of mathematics
  • In chain survey, few people are needed to conduct the survey. normally chain survey team has three people Booker, leader, and follower.

Five (5) disadvantages of a simple chain survey. 

Importance of levelling in fieldwork. 

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