Eight roles of soil organism in boosting soil fertility.

Soils are alive! A variety of soil organisms live in the soil. These include bacteria, fungi, microarthropods, nematodes, earthworms and insects. These organisms live on soil organic matter or other soil organisms and perform a number of vital processes in soil. Other organisms are involved in transformation of inorganic molecules. Very few soil organisms are pests. 
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The role of soil organisms in soil fertility may involve the following:

  • helping soil to form from original parent rock material,
  • contributing to the aggregation of soil particles,
  • enhancing cycling of nutrients,
  • transforming nutrients from one form to another,
  • assisting plants to obtain nutrients from soil,
  • degrading toxic substances in soil,
  • causing disease in plants,
  • minimizing disease in plants,
  • assisting or hindering water penetration into soil

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