8 benefits of Tennessee River Valley Authority (TVA)

8 benefits of Tennessee River valley authority

Tennessee river valley is found in the U.S.A and is a tributary of the Ohio river, the government of the U.S.A organized the development of the valley with the general aim of solving the economic difficulties of the people.

Benefits of Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA):

  • There has been increase in the water supply for irrigation, domestic use and industrial use.
  • Navigation in the Tennessee river has improved such as the commercial freight ships operating in the river.

  • Hydroelectric power was made available to many people.
  • The floods have highly been controlled.
  • The project has created job opportunities for many people.
  • Increase on the size of the arable land due to soil control.
  • Fishing industry has developed due to the construction of dams.
  • Provision of hydroelectric power has led to the development of different manufacturing and heavy industries.


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