The following are causes of high death rate in Africa:

  • Insufficient health facilities like hospitals, health centers and dispensaries with enough care. 
  • There is rapid increase in population but social services and infrastructures have not increased to match the population growth  
  • Political instability and insecurity. Many countries of Africa are engaged into war and insecurity is common in those countries hence loss of lives which lead to decrease on the number of population. Example of some countries of Africa includes Sudan, DRCongo, Maghreb, etc.  
  • Low levels of Immunization. Children get infected with infant killer diseases leading to increase in the death rate of young children.  
  • Poverty, Many people die because cannot afford to buy requirements of life like drugs and food. The cost of life is high than the revenue of many African people living under poverty.  
  • Ignorance. Lack of enough information on health care like reproductive health that leads to death of many people.

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