Benefits and problems facing Rufiji Basin development in Tanzania

Benefits and problems facing rufiji basin development in Tanzania
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Rufiji basin development is found in Tanzania, the government of Tanzania organized the development to support economic activities of the people.

Benefits of Rufiji Basin development:

  • It has promoted the market for the Hydro Electric Power (HEP) from Kidatu power plant.
  • There has been flood control.
  • The scheme has stimulated the development and maintenance of the railway lines and roads.
  • It has lead to the creation of employment opportunities in the valley.
  • It has promoted living standards of people through employment.
  • The development of villages and towns, for example new towns like Kidatu, Makambako and Mikumi.
  • The company provides expert advice to the farmers on good farming techniques and solutions to their farming problems.

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Problems facing Rufiji Basin Development

  • Poor labour supply due to rural urban migration.
  • Diseases like Cholera and malaria affect the farmers such that they fail to contribute effectively in the development of the scheme.
  • The climate problems like draught have been affecting water availability, sometimes the volume of water in the river decreases.
  • There are transport problems prevailing since the roads and bridges are not well constructed, hence during the wet season the area is not well accessible.
  • Expenses will be high since the process need high capital and the government does not have enough capital.
  • Low technology knowledge among the local people and hence they need intensive training to get the required knowledge and skills.
  • The researches and preliminary plans are taking too long. This will lead to the decline of other small projects because the government is concentrating more on that big project


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