The concept of population.

The concept of population

What is population? The word population comes from latin word populus meaning people. Population or human population refers to the total number of people found in a given area at a specified time.
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What is a population size?

Population size refers to the total number of people in the country. This may change over time due to the dynamic components like birth, death and migration. Population size is obtained through censuses .


  • It is unevenly distributed over the surface such that some areas have low density other have medium density and some areas have high density population other areas have no population at all.
  • Population is dynamic in the sense that it is migratory as people move from one place to another place either permanently or temporarily depending on the prevailing conditions.
  • Population has agesex structure. This refers to the composition or proportion of population in terms of sex, age and occupation.

  • Population is characterized by variation in the level of development and technology, Such as Japan, America and France while other countries are less developed or poor due to the use of low technology like Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique.
  • Population usually face problems like diseases such as HIV-AIDS, Environment calamities like famine and flood as well as earthquake.


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