Soil pollution refers to the introduction or addition of of any substance in the soil , which is unwanted or harmful to plants animals and having adverse effects to soil quality.

sources of soil pollution

  • From atmosphere, the pollutants are introduced into the soil through acid rain or wind. acidic rain leads to increase of acid concentration in the soil which later destroys soil structure, corrodes the minerals, dissolves the nutrients and kills plants and animals in the soil. acid rain is prevalent in industrialized countries like German and Sweden

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  • From industries, some chemicals, radioactive materials and metals can be introduced in the soil and render the soil unfit for agriculture

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  • From the farm, there are chemicals including the pesticides like DDT, crop remains fertilisers which can get into  soil and leading to soil pollution 

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  • Mining activities
  • Wastes from homestead.

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    Effects of soil pollution

    • Death of animals and plants since some of chemicals are poisonous.

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    • Decline in agriculture due to decline in soil fertility caused by soil pollution

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    • Occurrence of diseases in organism like cancer to human beings
    • Change in soil structure as some of minerals and nutrients are dissolved by acidic materials.
    • It makes man incur a lot of costs when trying to fix the problem of soil pollution, for example Liming of the soil to reduce acidity or flushing to reduce alkalinity.
    • Pollution of water through surface run off hence making it unfit for use. 

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        Measures to curb/solve problem of soil pollution

        • Reducing or stopping the use of chemicals in agriculture like DDT, dieldrin and weed killers.
        • Encourage the use of manure instead of industrial fertilizers
        • Recycling of wastes instead of dumping them on soil.
        • Control of population so as to reduce the rate of production of wastes that lead to soil pollution. 
        • Radioactive materials should be dumped deep underground.
        • Formation of strict laws and policies that govern on how to dump wastes. fines should be imposed on those who dump  the wastes carelessly 



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