7 importance of soil moisture or water
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Water contained in the soil is called soil moisture.

The water is held within soil pores. The soil moisture is the key factor in determining how the soil of the region supports vegetation and crops.

If the moisture content of the soil is optimum for plant growth, the plant can readily absorb soil water.

Not all water held in the soil is readily available to the plants.

Much of the water remains in the soil as a thin film.

Soil water dissolves salts and makes up the soil solution, which is very important as the medium for the supply of nutrients to growing plants.
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The following are 7 importance of soil moisture/water.

  • Soil moisture serves as the the solvent and carrier of food nutrients for plants growth. 
  • Soil moisture help to regulate soil temperature 
  • Soil water is the principle constituent of the growing plants 

  • Soil water is essential for the photosynthesis. 
  • Micro organism require water for their metabolic activities. 
  • Soil water helps in chemical and biological activities of the soil 
  • Soil forming processes and weathering depend on soil moisture

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