5 environmental problems caused by population explosion

Rapid population growth is the rapid increase of population in a certain area. Environment problems are situation or occurrences which degrade the quality of environment.

  • Deforestation, this is cutting down of trees. rapid population growth can cause since people will clear new area for agriculture and settlement. For example area in kisarawe and areas on the outskirt of Dar es salaam have been cleared for settlement expansion due to rapid population increase in dares salaam.
  • Pollution, this is addition of unwanted substances on environment. Rapid population growth have led to increase wastes generation and increase in emission from industries due ti increase in demand which have led to increase in industrial activities .

  • Loss of biodiversity, this is the reduction or total extinction of certain species of plants or animals in the planet. Rapid population increase have led to clearing large areas for agriculture and settlement and this have led to reduction or total extinction of some of animal and plants species. For example in recent years there have been a rapid decrease in number of elephants due to poaching and encroachment to elephants habitat by human.
  • Soil erosion, this is wearing away of top soil layer due erosion agents such as wind, running water and glacier. Rapid population growth has led to over cultivation of land, mono culture and overgrazing to meet the need of increased number of people.
  • land degradation, this is reduction of land quality and productivity. due to rapid population growth there have been poor waste disposal, over application of artificial fertilizers and over cultivation this has led to degradation of land.
  • To sum up, rapid increase in population always exert great pressure since the increased population need resources from environment to meet their needs. Therefore to have sustainable development we need to control the rate of population growth and improve technology

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