Advantages and disadvantages of eco tourism

Advantages and disadvantages of ecotourism

Eco tourism is tourism directed towards exotic natural environments, intended to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.

The following are Advantages of eco tourism:

  • Eco-tourism is an opportunity to preserve ecosystem and biodiversity. it also is a chance to generate revenue to support research effort
  • Eco-tourism provide a chance to the local people to escape from cycle of poverty and by sharing their knowledge of the local terrain and ecology with visitors the develop a strong sense of community pride.
  • Eco-tourism can create jobs in remote areas that have benefited less from economic development programmes  that are implemented in more populous areas
  • Protected areas and nature conservation usually provide many benefits to the society, including conservation of biodiversity and maintenance of water shed
  • Eco-tourism helps to conserve threatened wilslife and ensure that robust animal population remain in that way
  • Eco-tourism provide market to local products such as carvings, local arts and so on.

The following are Disadvantages of eco tourism:

  1. It may threaten indigenous culture
  2. It may cause displacement of some local residents.
  3. Eco-tourism is susceptible to catastrophic downfalls such as those that could come from world wide economic instability. 

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