ACSEE NECTA 2014 Geography paper one past paper

Acsee necta 2014 geography paper one past paper

  1. a)   differentiate the following statistical concept;
  •        Inferential statistics and descriptive statistics

  b) the form five students’ scores in geography subject at Nganza s.s were as follows  

20 -292
20- 398
40 – 4910
50 – 5916
60- 696
70 – 791
  •  Calculate standard deviation
  •   What are disadvantages of grouped data?

2. a) Explain the types of vertical aerial photographs

b) Describe why aerial photographs appear difficult in interpretation.  

a)      distinguish the following research concepts ·       

  • research proposal and research report. ·     
  • Qualitative research and quantitative research ·       
  • Data collection and data analysis ·       
  • Population and sample

b)      What are three advantages and disadvantages of sampling technique?  

3. Describe five causes of plate tectonics movement and prove its existence by providing four evidences.

4. Explain the values of volcanism for the development of the society. Give eight points.  

5. To what extent is river basin development both advantageous and disastrous?  

6. Describe the factors that control global distribution of plant communities.  

7. Analyses six properties to be considered when studying soil profile at the field


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