Environmental conservation refers to the protection of the environment from being destructed through practicing various ways of environment protection such as destocking, afforestation, and planting of cover plants.

In other words, environment conservation is the whole process of making sure that the environment does not deteriorate in quality and the environment which has been deteriorated in any way is restored to its former better condition. It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that our environment is conserved since a better environment is good for all of us.

There are several ways we can use to conserve the environment such as 

  • De-stocking, refers to the process of reducing number of animals on the environment because when the number of animals increase on the environment, they can feed on all the plants which help to prevent soil erosion or land slides. Therefore reducing number of cattles help to conserve environment since less cattles means less grass and plants are destroyed which in turn help to restore areas which were once overgrazed
  • Afforestation and Reforestation refer to the process of planting trees in bare land and re planting trees in the presence of other trees. Afforestation help to conserve environment by planting trees where there were no trees hence preventing soil erosion and encouraging rainfall formation. For example in some parts of Dodoma Tanzania where there was serious soil erosion afforestation has helped to reduce erosion and stabilize the ecosystem.

  • Control industrial gases and industrial sewage system, industrial location should be far apart from the water sources. Industrial waste is one of the source of water and soil pollution hence control of these waste can be very useful in conserving the environment. Industrial wastes and gases can be controlled through treating them before dumping them and taxing the industries to raise money which can be used to clean the environment of the industrial wastes.
  • Practicing proper irrigation skills. When irrigation is practiced improperly especially on the land with slope the water can wear out the nutrients and cause poor production.
  • Control of industrial fertilizers instead of depending on industrial fertilizer we can use manure since manure has no effect on the soil while industrial fertilizers add acid to the soil

  • To control fishing activities, the bad fishing methods should be discouraged for example through charging and punishing for those who practice bad fishing methods. 
  • Control construction of roads and buildings to avoid construction of building on steep slopes because this can accelerate soil erosion.



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