15 ways to improve tourism in Africa

Tourism  is social, cultural and economic phenomena which entail the movement of people to the countries or places outside their usual environment for personal or business/professional purposes. In other words tourism can be defined as the travel for recreation, leisure, religious, family or business purposes usually for limited duration. this article is going to share with you 15 ways to improve tourism in Africa.

The following are 15 strategies which can be used to promote and improve tourism industry in Africa

  • Government and NGOs should provide mass education about the importance and need of tourism
  • The government should make sure that strict ant – poaching laws and regulation are enforced.
  • Extensive advertising using stamps posters, films and media such internet should be carried out.
  • The responsible authorities should discourage and prevent burning and clearing of vegetation in areas surrounding the national parks and game reserves .

  • Goverment should upgrade security in their respective countries so as to attract more tourists
  •  Roads and other means of transport which leads to the tourist attractions should be improved.
  • Countries must diversify from traditional tourist attraction of national parks and game reserves to activities such as sports and entertainments.
  • The international relationship and political climate between countries must be improved to enable people to move from country to another without any restriction.
  • International effort and cooperation  on the fight against international and domestic terrorism must be intensified in order to maintain global security and peace . This is important because global piece and security are very important to the tourism industry.
  • Wildlife clubs and education center on tourism must be established so as to increase awareness on tourism and its attractions
  • Foreign as well as domestic investors should be encouraged to invest in modern tourist facilities such as hotels and lodges.
  • Comprehensive training of managers, wardens, travel agents, guides who work in the industry so the as to help them give excellent services.
  • Encourage eco-tourism so as to have fully cooperation of local people on protection of tourism attractions hence sustainable tourism.
  • Loosen up some of migration procedures such as procedures for issuing visas so as to encourage tourist from outside the country to come and visit various tourist attraction in the country.
  • Use various big events and forums such word cup football final and UEFA champions league to advertize the tourism sector in particular country more internationally.


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