Deep sea fishing and strategies Africans countries can use to promote fishing
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what is deep-sea fishing?

Deep-sea fishing is a kind of fishing that requires a trip out into the Atlantic ocean and its deep waters and requires a trip up the Intercoastal Waterway out into the ocean far from land.

The water depth should be at least 30 meters to be considered a deep-sea fishing area

The following are methods which are used in deep sea fishing


in this method the drift nets hang vertically like a table tennis net.

This method is used in catching pelagic fish. the fish gills are caught in the mesh when the fish try to swim across the drift net


in which trawling net is used. this is bag-shaped net used in catching the dermal fish as it is dragged by using trawler


by the use of power fired harpoons which normally carry an explosive charge. It is used in catching whales, especially in japan.


that involves the use of haul seine or purse seine. their features are between drift net and trawler net.

The seine net is pulled to surround a shoal of fish. it is used by fishermen in a small boat or by land-based fishermen


in which lines fitted with hooks are used to catch fish.

it is used where trawlers and seine nets can not be used, especially where the seafloor is rugged. It is used for large fish like tuna.

The fishing industry or fisheries refer to activities that involve the establishment, development, and exploitation of different fish resources.

The African countries can use the following strategies to promote fishing industry

  • They should encourage and facilitate the establishment of fish farms. this ensure that fish supply increase and the price decrease leading to conservation of fishing grounds and strengthening of community health. fish farming also help the low income families to earn income and this can help them reduce the use of harmful method of fishing such as the use of small size nets and use of chemicals in fishing
  • They ban indiscriminate fishing and enforce the use of standardized net. to ensure sustainable fishing the african countries should enact strict laws which ban harmful fishing methods and regulate the fishing in their water bodies.
  • They should institute seasonal banning of fishing to allow breeding. to avoid overfishing especially in lakes and rivers the governments should make sure that there enough period of fish breeding to ensure sustainable fishing
  • They should start Issuing license to fisherman in order to control fishing. government to regulate the amount of fishing should ensure that they issue licences to fishermen so that only licensed fishermen can be allowed to fish. issuing licenses to fishermen also help governments to rise income which can be used to conserve fishing grounds and educate fishermen on sustainable ways of fishing.
  • They should dredge silted lakes. to ensure that there is enogh water for fish breeding the government should ensure the water bodies filled with silt are dredged.

  • They should establish and improve roads and other transport facilities to fisheries. fishes need to be transported to market and factories to be processed. therefore the government should ensure that there is roads and storage facilities which will ensure that the fishes from fishing point are transported to market and factories, this will increase market size therefore increase income earned by fishmen.
  • They should keep looking for exporting opportunities for fish. opportunities for exports increase market size of fish products, increase foreign currency to the country and increase the fishermen income in general.
  • They should encourage fish eating culture
  • They should establish the ministry dealing with fishing.