7 importance of weathering to man

importance of weathering

 WEATHERING refers to the process of weakening, breaking up, and disintegration of the rock that forms the surface of the ground and that lie exposed to the weather. The process results from forces of weather such as changes in temperature, frost action, and rain action.

The following are the importance of weathering to human life.

Weathering is the initial stage in the formation of soil.

It breaks down the initial rock mass into smaller fragments thus preparing the rock material for the formation of the soil. The depth of the soil therefore depend on the extent to which rock have been weathered.

Weathering is the initial stage in the formation of soil

Weathering produces other natural resources such as clay which is used for making bricks.

Clay is also used for pottery. Other natural resource found from weathering is bauxite which is aluminum ore used in extraction of aluminum  

Another significance of weathering is that weathering weaken rocks making them easier people to exploit for example by mining and quarrying

  Also weathering is significant since it prepares the land on which the agents of erosion and transportation act on. These agents then modify the original landforms which in turn influence the kind of human activities which can be undertaken in such regions. The process of weathering is therefore important in supporting life.

Last but not least, some weathered rock like the granitic tors are very fascinating.  They therefore act as tourist attraction. Example includes the Bismarck rock in Mwanza Tanzania. Some this rock look so unique that local people do not understand how came to be. They have turned them into into local shrines where they make offerings.

Bismark rock in mwanza as the resullt of weathering process

To sum up, weathering is very important to human life since it help us to describe the formation of various landforms, lead to formation of building materials like clay and the remnant of weathered rock like granitic tors can act as tourist attraction.


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