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Form two geography syllabus

Form two Geography syllabus

1.  Agriculture Small  scale agricultureLarge scale agricultureLivestock keeping    i.  Pastoralism    ii. Sedentary livestock keeping   iii. Commercial Livestock keeping   2. WATER MANAGEMENT FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Uses of Water.Tapping water for Hydro Electric Power projects.River basin Development Projects.Land Reclamation.Tapping under ground water for irrigation in  deserts and semi deserts. Exploiting other water resources. Water Conservation.   3. EXPLOITATION OF FOREST RESOURCES Types of …

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secondary school Form three Geography syllabus

1. STRUCTURE OF THE EARTH The earth’s crust. The Mantle. The core. Types of rocks of the earth’s crust. Simplified Geological Time Scale. 2. FORCES THAT EFFECT THE EARTH FROM WITHIN (INTERNAL FORCES). Causes of earth movements. Radial/vertical forces upward and downward movements. Lateral or horizontal forces. Vulcanicity. Earthquake. 3. FORCES THAT AFFECT THE EARTH …

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Form four geography syllabus

Form four Geography syllabus

1. ELEMENTARY SURVEY AND  MAP MAKING Meaning of surveying Types of surveying Focus on chain survey and leveling Leveling Focus on application of these techniques 2. INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH Objectives of Research work Stages of research  work 3. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES  AND MANAGEMENT Types of environmental problems in Tanzania Loss  of biological diversity in plants and …

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Acsee form six 2009 necta exam format

ACSEE (form six) 2009 NECTA Examination format

ADVANCED SECONDARY EDUCATION GEOGRAPHY EXAMINATION FORMAT FOR BOTH SCHOOL AND PRIVATE CANDIDATE INTRODUCTION This examination format has been formulated on the basis of the revised geography syllabus of 2009, which replaced the 2000 syllabus. Change made in revised syllabus includes dropping off the topic on regional integration, the introduction of the new topic, and merging …

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